DAVID BLAIR Music Video Release Party at The Cellar

David Blair‘s drummer looks like a slender-nosed version of Angel from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Alternating between the acoustic guitar and the keyboard, David just wants to love you. He’s sunny and optimistic, and I dare anyone not to fall for him. Ben Sigston, watch your back! But the only thing David may have the balls to hurl at anyone is Cupid’s arrow. He is accompanied by the same celloist as the first and last time I saw him at Boss Nightclub.

1. All I Want
2. Never Wanna Live Without
3. Thing Called Love
4. Can You Feel It
5. Even When You’re Not Sure
6. Let You Go
7. Hard To Control
Cello solo
8. Let’s Make Out
9. I Want To Fall
10. Hurts So Hard (Lady Gaga intro, his version sounds like boy band take on Maroon 5)
11. You Make Me Okay
12. Nothing Left to Prove (written in LA a couple of weeks ago, about the lack of a language barrier)
13. This is the Soundtrack (acoustic)

This is the Soundtrack: Music video (watch it on YouTube) and blooper reel

I Want To Fall: preview of upcoming music video

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