Photo by Siobhan Kelly

18 September 2009 at Pat’s Pub

This is the fourth Katastroyka show I’ve attended. Those who are already familiar with Backstage Vancouver are also aware that my beef was with their lack of a real live drummer. I felt the same way about The Silent Authors, because I rarely find a laptop a good substitution for anything on stage. I grew fonder of Katastroyka after the second show I attended, but my mind was changed when they debuted a living, breathing drummer named Steve Hanker at their Media Club show. While Steve was recruited from their fan base (and thus may kill them in their sleep), he gets a high five from me for replacing bass player Jason Allum’s laptop. Along with Dave Cotton and Ryan Riot, these four guys are having an even better time, an even better time (that’s an inside joke for all you loyal Backstage Vancouver readers, thank you for your support). Stay tuned for upcoming shows, for this is one band I now proudly recommend.

PeaceNow that Katastroyka has won me over, I’ve found my current musical challenge in a band called Peace. They’re four young guys who also have a pretty good time. I really enjoy the energy of the drums, it got me doing my best Rock Band drums impression (which can be rather embarrassing in public but I do it nonetheless). The beat was speedy and catchy, and the music was pleasant. My stumbling block comes in the form of the lead singer. Which came first: his attitude or his vocals? On a scale of one to ten, one being a monotonous drone and ten being the most amazing vocals in the history of music, I’d have to rate Peace vocals at less than five. Though this may be an unfair comparison, I now refer you to the “About Peace” section of their MySpace. It’s an accurate written representation of the Peace attitude, one that currently rubs me the wrong way. I enjoy the music, especially the drums, but the lyrics, vocals, attitude and stage presence need tweaking.

AdjectiveIt is inspiring to see musicians throw themselves headfirst into a band, but when they put equal amounts of effort and dedication into more than one band, it is truly impressive. Ryan Riot is the guitarist and lead singer of Katastroyka, as well as a guitarist and lead singer of Adjective. He often plays two gigs in one evening. Luna Tic shares the role of guitarist and lead vocals, Dustin John Bromley plays bass and “yelps,” and Adam Veenendaal (The Ludvico Treatment) is currently filling in on the drums. Adam made significantly fewer angry faces than he did the last time I saw Adjective, but still did a great job. I love the style of Luna and Dustin (Luna tends towards the vintage look, while Dustin often wears bowties, glasses and hats), and Ryan rocks a bad-guy look even after he sheds his leather jacket. Something I really like about Adjective is not just that they have both a male and a female lead singer, but that Ryan and Luna both sing equal amounts of time. There is no pretention here, just really talented people playing a great post-punk set. These are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met as well, and I’m glad to be in their loop.

Katastroyka Set List
1. A Funereal Morning
2. Perestoika
3. Ad Infinitum
4. Epifania
5. La Luna
6. Unknown
7. Past Participant

Adjective Set List
1. PW1
2. Grim Repairs
3. Snake on the Periphery
4. The One We Know
5. Integer
6. The Astrosized Ostranaut
7. Goodbye.wav
8. Non-Insane Automaton
9. Bedhead
10. Monstrous Little Boy
11. Profession

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  1. meow miss says:

    does ryan riot have any projects right now? he is really cute so crazy and wild bad boy def one of vans best. i never thought the girl in adjective had ANY sex appeal, so boring, looks like old granny mega off pitchy voice blah. i cant lie sorry. katastroyka so goooooood i saw almost all shows, my friend knows the other guys and she said they ditched some members but just taking break, it feels like forever i miss u riot GO SOLO SELF TITLED we need ur tunes ??? misses meow! xxxxoooo