DAN MANGAN album sales soar at VFMF

Dan ManganDan (the) Mangan

With his sexy, gravelly voice, his captivating lyrics, and his acoustic guitar skills, is it any wonder that he made a killing at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival? Between his EP and his first album, he sold almost 250 copies and was in the top 5 artists for album sales over the weekend!

His upcoming album, Nice, Nice, Very Nice, will be released on August 11th. Celebrate the album’s release with Dan as he plays two shows at the East Vancouver Cultural Centre (August 28th and 29th). You can listen to some of his latest music on his website, as well as pre-order a signed copy of Nice, Nice, Very Nice for $20 (including shipping)!

You can read about Dan’s performance at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival on Backstage Vancouver, and stay tuned for an album review on August 11th. Catch this guy’s coattails before his career skyrockets to new heights.

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