08-22-0922 August 2009 at the Railway Club
Photography by 
Mike McHolm | View the full album

Cinderpop have three full-length albums “because we’ve been around forever.” However, they have also been a well-kept secret because I’d never heard of them before. Their poppy rock music is quite smooth, and their five-piece band brings an element of widespread variety to their live show. Cinderpop includes Kevan Ellis on vocals and guitar, as well as Erin Jane on keys and vocals. The addition of backing vocals by Joel Myers (who plays bass) gives Cinderpop an additional vocal dimension that brings would-be pop rock out of a state of normalcy. My favourite song of their set is called “Boomerang,” which is not yet on their MySpace. Another great feature is Erin’s star-shaped tambourine. This band knows how to (cinder)pop!


Photo by Mike McHolm

Danny Echo and I have been friends since I interviewed them in May. Their brand of British-influenced rock, found on their self-titled album, vividly comes to life in their dedication to an exciting live performance. Their music is tinged with hints of The Beatles, Radiohead, and Oasis, to name a few. Ian (keys and guitar) operates the projector that accompanies their songs, and Dan (vocals and guitar) brings in smoke and bubble machines. Mark on rhythm guitar is also remarkably talented. The best part is their finale; Dan grabs a large fire extinguisher and floods the stage. It shrouds the band and pours off the stage like a river into the audience. This is one move that cannot be topped, and Danny Echo is one band that pays to see live.

Stay tuned to Backstage Vancouver as we follow Danny Echo through their Peak Performance Project journey. They leave for band camp on Wednesday and we’ll meet with them when they return to discuss their weeklong experience.

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