DAVID BLAIR with ANDREW ALLEN at Boss Nightclub (Photography by Mike McHolm)

David Blair

David Blair is one of my favourite people. He captured my heart with the love songs of his new album, Things Left Unsaid, but meeting him live meant falling for him even when he isn’t playing his guitar. David’s music is cheerful and uplifting, and yet so incredibly personal; “This Is The Soundtrack,” what will soon become his classic song, is an interesting song title given the fact that his music really seems to be the soundtrack to everyone’s love life. His live performance at Boss Nightclub treated us to the best of David Blair, including “I Want To Fall” and “A Thing Called Love.” Halfway through his setlist he also played a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface,” which was delightful. Accompanied by a friend on cello, his live set is well worth attending.

David Blair with celloDavid’s connection with the audience is emphasized by his explanations and stories between songs, and his blatant “I love you!” declarations from the stage. During one number, he turns and wiggles his butt for us. How can you not enjoy his antics? David Blair is John Mayer without the drama, Maroon 5 without sleeping around, and Jason Mraz at the best of times. I dare anyone not to fall in love with David Blair; I know I have.

Check out David Blair’s MySpace show dates to catch one of his Vancouver shows this fall, including Saturday 5 September at the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island. Stay tuned to Backstage Vancouver for an album review and interview, coming soon!

Another artist you may enjoy played a minute four song set shortly after David Blair. His name is Andrew Allen, and he’s becoming well known for “Not Loving You,” which is getting airplay on Virgin Radio. His other great song, “Kisses,” is baby-making music at its best. Like David Blair, his crooning love songs aim straight at your heart.

David Blair Set List
1. This is the Soundtrack
3. I Want to Fall
4. Pokerface (Lady Gaga cover)
6. A Thing Called Love
7. All I Want
8. Nothing Left to Prove

Andrew Allen Set List
3. Kisses
4. Not Loving You

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