08-07-09Date: 7 August 2009
Venue: Rickshaw Theatre
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Twin Crystals received Twitter aid when news circulated that their gear had been stolen from their practice space. After reading their plea on Craiglist, it was surprising that they were still able to play the concert. As Twin Crystals will probably tell you, the show must go on. Energetic and enthusiastic, Twin Crystals play garage angst punk with lots of screaming and lots of hair. They’re like an angry version of Tokyo Police Club. Unfortunately, angst-ridden pretentious behaviour seldom goes down well with the public; stopping a song to tune a guitar and pushing an amp onto a microphone are prime examples of poor behaviour. Once they get out of high-school garage band mode, we may see some improvements.

Listening Party contains one of my favourite artists, Jon Middleton (primarily of Jon and Roy). Lead singer Lindy also plays a percussion set comprised of a garbage can, a large bucket, a floor tom, and a cymbal, and a hi-hat. Their mellow jam sessions and jungle-inspired rock weaves layers of ethereal chorus-singing with almost tribal beats. Lindy has a great time singing, drumming, and dancing. At one point he even plays the can and bucket with maracas. It’s a creative collision of jungle sounds that come as an unusual change of pace from the rest of the show.

JapandroidsJapandroids are garage rock with hardcore head-banging, fantastic drums, and beautiful hair. This is one band that is nothing compared to their live performance. Brian King on guitar and vocals had a large fan blowing air directly up into his face, and the resulting hair-blowing-in-the-vertical-wind look made the show look like a video shoot. David Prowse on drums and vocals has swiftly become one of my favourite drummers (after Tim Oxford of Arkells, of course). They played most of their new album Post-Nothing, including CBC Radio 3 favourite “Rockers East Vancouver.” There is a lot of screaming and whooping, and their energy flows into the crowd, who are mosh pitting, crowd-surfing and dancing. Brian comes to the front of the stage and almost gives himself whiplash while baptising the crowd with his sweaty hair, and they love it! They treat us to some improvised “old stuff, for those who have known us from our beginnings.” Japandroids are a must-see live performance.

Their new eight-song album Post-Nothing came out on 28 April 2009, and is available on iTunes for only $7.92. Catch them on their two month tour of Canada and the States in September and October.

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  1. […] catch my attention. They play hardcore, real deal garage punk that blows teen-angst-punk-rock band Twin Crystals out of the water. They are a three-piece band with alternating lead singers, and I only hear praise […]

  2. Jeremiah says:

    Wow, at least one of my bands blows the other one of my bands out of the water. Things are going well.

  3. […] Twin Crystals ended the show with two bassists and a drummer. The singing was very haunting, 80’s-esque with a good tight sound. […]