08-20-09Date: 20 August 2009
Venue: Rickshaw Theatre


Haggatha are a local heavy metal band who score many points for hardcore drumming that would put Animal of the Muppets to shame. Since heavy metal is neither my preference nor my forte, I will only say that they bring excessive amounts of enthusiasm to their live performance and were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

Strange enough to begin with, Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance were awkwardly out of place at the Rickshaw Theatre. Despite being sandwiched between two heavy metal bands, facing an audience who come to the show with certain expectations, NN&BA approached their live performance as they would any other; with energy and excitement. Their repertoire encompasses so many genres they can mould themselves to suit any evening. In this case, they skipped their lighter tunes (such as “LCD vs Plasma TV”) in favour of their heavier songs. The Boomsday Alliance is a collection of friends who often belong to other bands, which is what gives NN&BA such a broad range of musical styles. From rap and hip-hop overtones to space age, indescribable genres, NN&BA are just as much fun to listen to as they are to party with.

Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday AllianceListen to Season 2, their latest release, on BandCamp. You can listen to their latest release, Season 2, on their BandCamp site, and make sure you come to their next show at the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island. The evening will feature other bands whose members are a part of the Boomsday Alliance, and it promises to be a fun event.

Despite the local buzz surrounding Jucifer and their numerous amps, their Thursday night performance at the Rickshaw Theatre did not draw a large crowd. Again, I’m not an expert on heavy metal, so here is my honest personal opinion: I was not a big fan. Their numerous amps were impressive but excessive. While the drumming was admirable, and Amber’s voice was shockingly screamo, their set of indistinguishable songs sounded like a 45-minute song that dragged and lulled instead of a set of distinct songs. I can understand the hype about Jucifer’s big sound and crazy vocals, but they weren’t for me.

Comments (2)


  1. Timmy says:

    Yay go Noobie!!
    Mr. Wolver and the tots say hi.

  2. G. Koch says:

    It’s not the bread that makes the sandwich. It’s the meat in the middle. Rock the galaxy Boomsday.

    Unca G