JunoFest 2009 Street Party on Granville: HEY ROSETTA! with JON AND ROY and SAID THE WHALE

JunoFest 2009 has begun. As a precursor to the awards show this Sunday, JunoFest started with a band. Sponsored by 100.5 The Peak and Best Buy, the WestJet Stage was a free show featuring talented Canadian artists from across the Great White North. Landing in the west coast, on a cold but surprisingly dry evening, several musical acts took the WestJet stage and gave audiences one hell of a show, despite the price tag (or rather, the lack thereof). Unfortunately, we missed the first two acts, as well as the final one, but still thought the concert was worth much more than its free cover charge.

As we walked towards the venue, we were very surprised at how empty the canvas tent was (seeing as the show started at 4:30pm). How can anyone turn don a free music concert? We weaved our way to the stage and managed to land spots right at the front, giving us plenty of opportunity to capture some awesome shots of our musical adventure.

After an uneventful wait (really, nothing happened), our favourite band from this west coast took the stage in hopes of wooing the audience with new songs, as well as a couple of old favourites.  Having been voted by listeners of The Peak to play in the sponsored show, Said The Whale confidently performed a solid set that pleased fans and newbies alike.

Next on stage was Victoria duo Jon and Roy. Looking like some neo-hippies and playing their own brand of laid back, devil-may-care music, this band is definitely one to watch. Their ska-tinted music was complemented by an acoustic guitar and bongo drums, producing another unforgettable performance.  Joined by a bassist and a violinist (near the end), the group became Jon and Roy plus two, and should have no problem acquire new fans.

East coast darlings Hey Rosetta! took the stage next. With some very high expectations (having won three East Coast Music Awards this year), they delivered a stellar performance that will keep people going back for more. Energetic, confident and pretty freakin’ awesome, Hey Rosetta! were the fresh strawberries atop a very delicious sundae. This is definitely not a band to miss next time they roll into town!

Jon and Roy special: use code d106d1 at www.jonandroy.ca/download for four free mp3s!

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