JunoFest 2009

After Thursday night’s Street Party concert, we were more than excited to build our own music experience by choosing artists and venues in the JunoFest line-up. Armed with flimsy yet waterproof wristbands, we set out with an itinerary, a map, and sweet treats to keep us up all night long.

Our first stop was Richard’s on Richards, where we saw Ko perform for excited fans. As genuine on stage as he is in real life, Ko appeals to West Coast music lovers with his carefree and laid back vibe. When he puts down his acoustic guitar and puts on a beat, he can rap with the best and really live it up on stage. Eager to please the fans, he puts a lot of effort into making connections with his audience and has no qualms about mingling with said fans and hanging out at the merch table.

After Ko’s show, we headed for The Media Club to catch The Midway State and Hey Rosetta! Following the map from JunoFest headquarters had us completely turned around. We had to put the map away and use our eyes and common sense to find the venue. Upon arriving at The Media Club, which can only accommodate 150 music buffs at one time, we were dismayed to see just as many people waiting outside the doors. Disheartened and upset, we turned away.

We wandered aimlessly with our directory of JunoFest events, trying to decide what to do next. No one else appealed to us, so we took the scenic route to the Biltmore Cabaret in Burnaby to try to see Elliott Brood. Alas, that too was swarming with fans as eager as us. It was worth a try.

Midnight found us at Subway back home in Coquitlam, buying a consolation prize of foot-longs and fountain pop for our grumbling stomachs. Vowing to come up with a solid plan for Saturday night, we decided to choose one venue and stay there as long as possible. This too was a disaster. We waited in line outside of The Roxy for two hours, hoping to see Arkells. By the time we reached the front of the line, the bouncer told us that (a) the venue was full and (b) we’d still have to pay a ridiculous cover charge to get in. Disappointed, we turned away and decided we’d just have to book a day off in April to drive up to Whistler to see Arkells then.

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