MIA_MOTH-018 September 2009 at the Yale Hotel | Photos by Mike McHolm (view the full album)

Mia Moth’s MySpace and website literally conjure up gothic images of dark, furry, winged insects circling flames. Her music, in true good-girl-gone-bad style, contrasts the cutesy vocals of a Paper Moon or Call The City lead singer with the powerful punch of threatening and generally naughty lyrics. Wary of some darkened ritual involving sacrificial animals and candlelight, my first trip to the Yale Hotel proved entirely contrary to my rather ridiculous assumptions about a singer called Mia Moth.

Disclaimer: Mia Moth’s MySpace music does not do her justice. This is one band you need to see live, and you can this fall. Check out her MySpace for upcoming shows in Vancouver later this month.

The Scene: The Yale Hotel, located at the base of the Granville Street bridge on the corner of Drake, is nowhere near as sleazy as I thought it would be. The stage is one of the highest I’ve seen in Vancouver, unusual for a pub, but it’s a nice change. Mia Moth’s 9pm showtime is perfect on a weeknight, and as they set up the stage, Mia flits around much like her namesake. She wears a black dress, black thigh-high stockings and wild hair with show-worthy makeup.

MIA_MOTH-02The Set: Mia is accompanied by a three man band, and they all enjoy being there as much as she does. She kicks off her set with energy and enthusiasm, and the most amazing thing about her full set is that she maintains the same level of energy through the entire evening. She kicks off her set with a dark number about devil music, but the song I find myself humming during the week is “Blow 4 Blow.” If it’s you against me, love, you’d better toughen up, knuckle up, pull your socks up. Her cutesy voice and petite frame belie her tough-as-nails lyrics and bad-girl attitude. What I admire the most is her stamina as she jumps and high-kicks around the stage for close to an hour. This is the kind of energy I expect from Emily Haines of Metric. Lyrics surprisingly clear, badass ball of energy that just kept going and going. Move over, Energizer Bunny! If you’re looking for a unique set of music and incredible amounts of energy, Mia Moth is your girl.

Check out Mia Moth on MySpace for upcoming shows around Vancouver this fall.

Set List

1. Devil Music
2. One of These Days
3. Gimme Sumthin 4 The Pain
4. Crazy Town “I own this town”
5. Blow 4 Blow
6. On the Count of 3
7. All There Is “So let’s keep dancing”
8. “Tell me that I’ve been a bad girl”
9. Fight The Feeling
Encore: Fuck You

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