2009-09-17 A Night With Noobie17 September 2009 at the Backstage Lounge (Granville Island)

Flags is by far the most obscure band I’ve stumbled upon. Decked out in costume from head to toe, including a 1920s lampshade strapped to the drummer’s head, these two guys are brave enough to be completely different from everything and everyone else. Once you overcome your shock at what is happening, their weirdness becomes endearing and their music becomes enjoyable. It is rather inspiring to be in their presence, because no matter how confident you think you are I can guarantee you that you would probably never be able to do what Poib and Christie do.

Pocket Kings are a two-man version of Sweatshop Union. They hail from Victoria and present an alt-rap set that inspires audience movement (from leg jiggling to some pretty crazy dancing). They even improvise one song, based on a word chosen by an audience member.

Impeders of Progress is hardcore punk at its most intense. The band boasts Karl the Red on electric guitar and backing vocals. Since all five band members are there to make more than just noise, the culmination of five truly hardcore musicians results in some serious punk that calls for serious volume. This is the kind of music I would blast in my car with the windows down, pretending I’m so much cooler than I really am. It can only add to the bad guy/girl image you may be going for, and it certainly makes for an extreme live show. They’re playing Abbotsford and Kamloops in early October, check them out if you’re in the area!

Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday AllianceMD is a hip-hop artist whose experimental tendencies make him a perfect addition to the Boomsday Alliance. His deep voice and quick tongue, paired with rhyme and rhythm, create a great vibe that you only wish you could sing along with. On stage he only carries a mic and a towel, and he has a DJ play his tracks while he does his thing. His smooth set list segues into the sounds of Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance. Anchored by the Double Boomskees (Noah and Joel), this four-piece band brings in various friends (such as MD and Karl the Red, both members of the Boomsday Alliance) to join them for a couple of songs. Noah is one of the coolest drummers, and Joel (guitarist and lead singer) has the ability to sing rapidly and even act out some of the lyrics (all while rocking the guitar). This puts him on track to become a local theatrical talent like, much like the great stage performance of Hawksley Workman. A big influence is Jamiroquai, to give you a better idea of the unusual sounds of Noobie Noobinson.

There is nothing quite like a night with Noobie. I haven’t encountered as eclectic a lineup as the one at this show, but I wouldn’t settle for anything less from the elusive Mr. Noobinson.

Impeders of Progress Set List
1. Untervelt
2. No Risk, No Reward
3. Chemicals Kill
4. Silence
5. Reconnect
6. What Will Define You
7. I Hope You Like Soup Kids
8. Lessons

MD Set List
1. Intro
2. Re-Devastated
3. Crushed To Dust
4. Laughing On The Inside
5. Disclaimer
6. Take Off (Acapella)
7. Spaced On A True Story
8. Tungsten & Shrooms
9. On Top Not Moving

Noobie Noobinson Set List
1. Where Exactly? (with MD)
2. Neodelic Super Drift
3. President’s Choice
4. Diamond Cutter
5. Pages of Sages
6. Drinking Alone
7. Paladona Paridisiun
8. The Beach
9. The Ownarians (with Karl the Red of Impeders of Progress)
10. Palace of Possibility
11. LCD Vs. Plasma TV
12. Easy Peasy
Encore: The Frigazon Complex

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  1. Kindah says:

    Loved the picture at the top of this review! Very avant garde. :-)

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