Padma - Here

Artist: Padma
Album: Here
Release: 2 June 2008
Label: Just Music

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Padma‘s debut album Here was released just over one year ago. Between then and now, Padma has continued to travel the globe, most recently settling in Vancouver. At least for now.

The album cover looks a little sketchy, the graphics blatantly computerized, but it is the music under the cover that makes a truly striking impression. Soft and soothing, Here is reminiscent of an early Nick Drake, and a sure-fire favourite of those who enjoy their acoustic emo without the self-loathing.

The opening song, “Half a Person,” features a beautiful harmony and may very well be the defining track of Padma. While this is often the song that randomly pops into my head, it is the rest of the album that really catches my ear.

My favourite songs are the  second, third and fourth. “Spacefood & Balloons” is a quirky love song about, you guessed it, space food and balloons. Delightfully simple, the lyrics draw you into a budding relationship that creates lasting memories. “Pilot” has some of Padma’s best guitar, which he can pick like there’s no tomorrow, and a lonely chorus of “Didn’t you notice?” This conjures up an image of Padma lying on the grass, completely alone, wondering why no one can see him. And “Song For An Entryphone” is a hauntingly ethereal tune that begins with a voice that really does sound like it is coming through an entryphone, which then changes back to his own as the song builds. One can’t help but wonder if it’s because she let him in…

I’ve heard bits and pieces of Padma’s story, and he is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Backstage Vancouver will be featuring an interview with Padma in the coming weeks, and until then you can listen to some of his music on his MySpace page. His album is available on iTunes for $9.99, and it’s well worth the money if you’re a fan of introspective acoustic guitar.

1. Half a Person
2. Spacefood & Balloons
3. Pilot
4. Song for an Entryphone
5. I Don’t Think So
6. Throw My Drugs Away
7. Waiting for Dolma
8. Dawn
9. Funny
10. The Ballad of G & Eva
11. All the Fish
12. When You Don’t Really Like Yourself
13. Firelight Dance
14. Buddha Energy

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