08-24-09Date: 24 August 2009
Venue: The Railway Club


I first discovered Satori Tide when I attended a Lengthy List of Lovers show at the Purple Crab restaurant on Main Street. Their brand of funky reggae rock boasts a wide range of sounds, from dance numbers to smooth, mellow tunes. Despite being spread across Vancouver and Interior BC during the summer, these boys dedicate large blocks of time to practicing and recording their songs. Playing The Railway Club gives them time to connect with their friends and fans when they congregate in the city.

Their great dance number and classic song, “What They Say,” showcases Satori Tide’s ability to play funky, upbeat reggae rock while integrating some pretty groovy instrumental interludes into their songs. For a Monday night, the audience is quite decent and there is a great response to the music. People whoop and cheer, and several dance in front of the stage. Their friend Nathan joins them for a song that originally had no lyrics until Nathan decided it was time to guest-rap for them. His Batman t-shirt is hilarious, as is his undying enthusiasm when he leaps off the stage and begins a reggae hoedown with the crowd.

My favourite songs are the slower numbers. “Wildberry Road” is one that I’ve heard at a previous show, and can be found on their MySpace (along with “What They Say”). As a special treat, they play a new song that is called “Runaway,” sung primarily by Patrick (who plays keys). It has only been played a couple of times before, and has a great instrumental interlude with a rather epic crescendo. If you like the sound of sunshine at the beach, you’ll enjoy the reggae funk-rock of Satori Tide.