5 September 2009 at the Media Club

Girlfriends and BoyfriendsGirlfriends And Boyfriends first caught my ear at their August show, curiously located at vodka bar RedxRed. While that show involved a headband and a sailor hat, this one featured skinny red jeans and a curious lack of headwear. Highlights included a reasonable amount of cowbell, and Arun on drums who smiled through the entire set. I’ve never seen anything like it! Their dance numbers are as upbeat and poppy as 80s revival, and the crowd swells in front of the stage. In fact, Girlfriends And Boyfriends brought more audience than any of the other bands last night. Their band fellowship is emphasized by their promotion of the next act: “ One day God reached down and touched Jason Allum’s head and invented the greatest bass guitar riff. That’s coming up next, so stick around.” Jason Allum, Katastroyka’s bass player, may have blushed.

I’ve seen Katastroyka twice before, and though I dearly love all three band members, there was always something missing for me; a drummer. Much to my amazement (and the band’s, no doubt), the drummer they auditioned on Tuesday was already a fan and fit in so well that they had him play their live gig last night! Steve Hanker is a welcome addition, and we’re all really excited to have him. Although I haven’t exactly sung Katastroyka’s praises from the rooftops in my previous reviews, I knew that with the addition of a live drummer they’d really change my mind. Guitarist Dave Cotton seems impressed so far, and as long as Steve isn’t one of those obsessive fans who ends up murdering them with his drumsticks, he’ll fit right in. Katastroyka’s space-age rock is an energetic second channel for Ryan Riot (he is also front and centre for heavy metal darlings Adjective), and I can’t tell you how great they are now that they have four live human beings on stage.

The Ludvico Treatment (Jason Allum)

Photo by Jason Allum

The Ludvico Treatment are close to my heart. The imaginings of Adam Veenendaal, the band includes other great musicians in its live incarnation (namely Dave Cotton of Katastroyka and Seven Nines And Tens on guitar and backings vocals, and Justin Wong of The Patience Product on bass and backing vocals). As for their music, I’ll be publishing a review of their Romanticism album in the near future. My favourite track is “Affectations,” and Dave made my night by dedicating it to me at the show. The Ludvico Treatment are four of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet, and their shoegaze post-rock tendencies result in a rather diverse range of sounds (some tracks offer screams amidst epic crescendos, while others are deliciously dark). Catch their gothic impressions of romanticism when you can, and stay tuned as they book upcoming shows.


1. She’s Your Girlfriend
2. Step Into It
3. Danger Line
4. You’d Come Around
5. Computer Friends
6. …Is The Resurrection
7. Damaged Goods (Gang Of Four cover)


1. Funereal
2. Perestroika
3. Ad Infinitan
4. Epifania
5. Luna
6. Unknown
7. Past Participant


1. Angel
2. Olivia, My Love
3. A Thousand Ambassadors
4. Panacea
5. Affectations
6. Exit Secondary Character.
7. The Storm Hits.
8. Dies.

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