Hypnotic Eyes: An Interview with TV HEART ATTACK

I’m here with TV Heart Attack, a band moulded together by Jason Corbett (guitarist and lead singer), and given an opportunity to make their self-titled debut album after a record label turned them down. This opportunity knocked because Jason’s favourite car (a Mustang) was crashed by his then girlfriend. She was fine, but the car wasn’t, and the money from that crash made the record possible. I sat down with Jason and Arthur (the other guitarist in the band) to talk about their new record Lost in the Sway and more.

Backstage Vancouver: You recently went on a winter tour?

Jason: Yeah, we just came back from tour, we went in December through BC, Alberta and just did the same circuit, but went to Toronto this time for Canadian Music Week.


Jason: We played an awesome show at the Hideout in Toronto, where Arthur smashed his guitar out of sheer happiness.

Arthur: Came back with a lighter suitcase that’s for sure… or did I?

Talking about that show, Jason: you wanted everyone to be really pumped to play Toronto and it seemed to work.

Jason: Well I basically said we came this far to play Toronto with all of our pistons firing, the new video out, the single, and I thought if there aren’t more than 100 people at the show that’s it, I’m pulling the plug.  Just the amount of effort that we had put in to launch the record, the music videos and all the shows,  let’s just say I was more than pleasantly surprised that the turnout in Toronto was awesome.

I really like the contrast between your self-titled album and Lost in the Sway, because your self-titled album is really 80s and your new record is more like stadium rock.

Jason: We put in a conscious effort for Lost in the Sway to cover a large group of listeners, instead of a niche market like a 80s-sounding record would have. So we wanted a producer that would give us that huge sound, and we got that with Ben Kaplan.

Arthur: I’ve never seen or heard some of the tactics that Ben Kaplan was using to capture this big sound, Jason had never seen it either and at one point we even remixed the entire album to sound completely different than it sounds now. But the whole sound we wanted to capture was gone, so Jason made the decision to keep it as it is.

One of your songs, “Wolves,” isn’t a fast paced song but still has that feel of the rest of the album.

Arthur: We like playing that one acoustically a lot.

Jason: That’s what I like about these songs, that they really translate well acoustically because if it is a good song you can play it on acoustic guitar.

Who directed your “AO” music video?

Arthur:  We started working with Jeremy Lederer on a concept for “AO” before the album was close to being released, so we finished the song sent it to him because we had won some awards for the “Bang Bang Bang” video but Jeremy wasn’t down with the whole science fiction theme. After that these guys from Greendale Productions presented us with a completely different treatment, which was less hands-on, but they were so detailed in their planning that we just let do their thing and a year later the video was done.

You guys are doing a Claymation for your music video for “Wolves”?

Jason: Yeah, a local artist is working with a team of talented individuals who bring a protagonist to life in a claymation forest and take him on a journey, I’m really excited about it.

Are you going on a summer tour?

Jason: We are definitely going to do another Canadian tour no sooner than June, and another western Canadian tour. We might be going to New York or LA too.

Arthur: Possibly even Seattle or Bellingham.

How did you get on Thorny Bleeder records?

Jason: They’re a local record label that I’ve talked with for quite some time, and I really like what they did with Art of Dying, who is now on a major label in the states. They just got us the most, just wanting work with us instead of telling us how to do things.

That seems to be the theme with this band; they do what they want, they do it well, and that’s all that matters.

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