BRADLEY: MountainTigerWolf

When I first put in bradley’s album MountainTigerWolf, I have to admit that I was taken aback.  It’s got a kind of a creepy / pop vibe that I have been waiting to hear for a long time. His rhythmic and spellbinding voice carries the album and some how gets you immediately into the songs. There is darkness to his lyrics, underlying metaphors to his words, and chorus structures to his tracks that mesmerize. I can’t help but be truly involved in the music when I listen.

“Everything Will Be Okay MM” is my favourite track of the album. This song to me has an anthemic quality; lyrics that ring out, harmonies and xylophone hits that remind me of a cross between the Get up Kids, and Oasis. There is defiantly something here I’ve never heard before, and I can’t get enough.

If his live performance is half as good as this album, then his CD Release Party on Thursday 4 March at The Media Club, and his Canada-wide tour, are going to be nothing short of epic.

1. MountainTigerWolf
2. Monster
3. Your Money
4. Black Shirt
5. Daylight’s Finally Night
6. Padma
7. Everything Will Be Okay MM
8. Little Voice
9. Fainne
10. Broken
11. Hit the Floor
12. Lullaby

Comments (2)


  1. Chris says:

    I just saw him play at the Haven and it was probably the worst live show i’ve ever seen. His laptop played drums, bass, synth, lead guitar while he lazily strummed his guitar and sang terribly. He later put down his guitar and in what felt like karaoke gone wrong he fell to his knees and tried singing while his invisible band played.

  2. mark brown says:

    i just saw him at the media club. AWEFUL. words cant describe what a creepster this guy is. at least a band would help his cause somewhat.