The Armadilettantes - GrrlArtist: The Armadilettantes
Album: Grrl
Release: 24 October 2009
Label: Unsigned

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I delight in bands that remind me of many other bands, and The Armadilettantes are a perfect example. “Haunting the Sky Over the Campbell Valley” is my favourite song, and reminds me of Radiohead. “Pedestrian” is another song with stong Radiohead rock influences. Their music has that British feel that is oh-so-appealing, and a great example of this is “Guilty Pleasures.” Their melodies tend towards the eerie, and “Inside-Out Stomach” is a fun blend of light-hearted songs with eerie tunes. Of course, when their MySpace page lists “The noise your oven makes when it’s warming up” as their influence, it’s hard to say whether or not I’m on the right track. Several tracks flawlessly incorporate electric keys and various sounds, and their interesting changes of tune would make them a lot of fun to play on Rock Band. The perfect blend of rock and melancholy, this is one local band that promises to satisfy many musical cravings.

The Armadilettantes are celebrating the release of their album with a CD Release Party on Saturday 24 October. Adjective and Canaries are opening, along with Burlesque dancers and a light show. It’s a night of masquerade, so grab a mask and come on out for a fun evening at Beaumont Studios (Alberta & 5th). Only $10!

1. I Can Hear Your Face
2. Haunting the Sky Over the Campbell Valley
3. Pedestrian
4. Inside-Out Stomach
5. Mandibles
6. Guilty Pleasures

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  1. Nicky Ninedoors says:

    If you are one of the first twenty people to walk through the door, you won’t even need a mask! I (along with Miss Catasstrophic) have handcrafted sparkly wonderful masks to be worn and taken home. (All for free!)

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