THE ZOLAS: Tic Toc Tic

The Zolas - Tic Toc TicArtist: The Zolas
Album: Tic Toc Tic
Release: 3 November 2009
Label: Lotus Child Music Inc./Universal

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I first came across the Zolas in July when they opened for Said the Whale (another amazing Vancouver-based band). Duly impressed, I bought You’re Too Cool, the EP they had at the time. It contained six songs, five of which are on their new album Tic Toc Tic. The Zolas definitely have a unique brand of piano-drenched indie rock, so you’ll know them when you hear them.

The Zolas Having thoroughly enjoyed the EP, I was excited to hear the full length offering. The album starts off strong with “You’re Too Cool“ and continues that way with “The Great Collapse”, a song about surviving the fall of civilization, and probably my favourite. With the third song we get to “Marlaina Kamikaze” a gut-wrenching ode to a former flame who, despite her absence, still haunts the singer. The next, “Body Ash”, isn’t one I particularly liked upon first listening but in that respect it’s alone on this album. The remaining songs from the EP alternate with new songs, and it ends with “Pyramid Scheme”, a song that is oddly appealing (ok, mostly odd, as it includes the lyrics “be we alive or be we dead, he’ll grind our bones to make his bread”). Other highlights include “Marionettes” and “Queen of Relax” (my favourite to belt out while driving).

Overall, Tic Toc Tic is a solid album from a solid pair of Vancouver indie scene veterans. This album is more polished and mature than their previous incarnation, Lotus Child, so it will be interesting to hear where they go from here. Pick up this album, but remember to look up the lyrics before you sing along in the car; it’s occasionally hard to decipher them. (As a heads up, in “Marlaina” I have it on good authority that the line goes “you’re like a ghost to me, on every man’s arm”, not “on every enzyme”).

1. You’re Too Cool
2. The Great Collapse
3. Marlaina Kamikaze
4. Body Ash
5. Cab Driver
6. Marionettes
7. I’ve Got Leeches
8. These Days
9. You Better Watch Out
10. No Talking
11. Queen of Relax
12. Pyramid Scheme

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  1. Colin Rink says:

    It’s definatley solid. One of my favourite upcoming bands!

  2. Leigh says:

    Apparently we received this album in alphabetical order (not sure how I didn’t notice that) so the review is a little off. Still a great album, and I’m so glad it really starts with You’re Too Cool.

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  4. I just started listening today to prep for my interview, and I totally thought it was “on every enzyme.” Thanks for clarifying!

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