Tomorrow Today: CHRIS PAGE to release “A Date with a Smoke Machine” tomorrow

When I listened to the first track on the Chris Page album A Date with a Smoke Machine, it instantly took me back to my high school days when I used to listen to Jets to Brazil religiously (circa 1999), in the best way. I started to get a little awestruck of the way that his lyrics kick-start the flow of the album, and even from a once through, I am now an instant fan.

It kind of sounds like a cross between an acoustic beach vibe and Neil Young’s Prairie Wind, which drew me in right away. He has his own style and projection, and quite frankly, it’s refreshing. From the acoustic and light melodies that reign supreme throughout the album, to the wide range of his vocals and skillful playing, I can’t seem to stop playing this album.  Every time I listen, I get more excited about Page’s vibe.   

Be sure to keep Chris Page’s release of “A Date with a Smoke Machine” on your to-get list this year, as it will not disappoint. You can check out his MySpace list of shows for Ontario and Alberta.

1. Patio to Stereo
2. Slideshow
3. Two Twenty Twos
4. Quit While I’m Behind
5. Coax the Ending Day
6. Hello, Danger Bay
7. Closets Overflowing
8. Fall Back Morning
9. Keep Me On Your Radar
10. Awfulizing
11. Unwind, Unwind

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