2nd Floor Suicide (08-10-09) - band

Photo by Mike McHolm

8 October 2009 at the Backstage Lounge
Photography by Mike McHolm

The first time I attended a 2nd Floor Suicide show, Reggie Electric (vocals, guitar) was dressed as a pirate. The second time I saw them, Reggie donned a train conductor jumpsuit that was fitting for the Railway Club venue. Continuing this unusual trend for their show at the Backstage Lounge, Reggie painted himself silver and explained that he was not of this Earth. The funny thing is, 2nd Floor Suicide does not need silver paint or funny costumes to keep all eyes on them. With Reggie’s funny antics, Mike’s involved bass playing, and Derek’s fascinating drumming, I can’t look away for anything.

I’ll tell you why I like 2nd Floor Suicide so much. Now that I’ve seen them three times, this isn’t just a bias because I’ve come to know and love the band members. Reggie is funny on stage and off, making for engaging comments between songs. Mike plays the bass like it’s connected to his heart, and it’s neither boringly simple nor pretentiously complicated. Derek is one of my favourite drummers, and I can’t tear my eyes away once I start watching him play. They’ve been around the block, and it shows. I love their music! It’s just bad-ass enough without being ridiculous or hard to enjoy. They know when to start and stop using effects, the sound is good because of their sound and show experience, it’s just a well-balanced combination for a three-piece band.

Reggie’s random explanations are delivered with the same sense of humour that defines him; trailing off at the end, and ambiguous, he announces, “This next song is called Anomaly because… it’s about my sister.” Anomaly has great drum parts, and it’s a really good song to play live. It went over really well! Crowd participation (clapping and singing along) for their cover of “Time Is Running Out” by Muse. Every now and then the harmony is a little grating, but I’m sure that has a lot to do with the sound/speakers. “Budapest” rocks, and “Caffeine” has a great bridge, and good lyrical melody (moreso than the other songs).

2nd Floor Suicide is always a good time, and I always come away itching to play Rock Band. If only their music was available on Rock Band…

Set List
1. Daylight
2. 1863
3. Army Of Me
4. Nuclear
5. Anomaly
6. Time Is Running Out (Muse cover)
7. Budapest
8. Victory Drive
9. Caffeine
10. Rat A Tat Tat

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  1. marQuo says:

    2nd Floor Suicide . I love them

  2. Reggie says:

    What a lovely time:)

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