Fake Shark Real Zombie5 October 2009 at the Media Club

Fake Shark Real Zombie is the talk of the town. Featuring Wes Krevin on vocals, this local band boasts a ridiculous number of MySpace profile views and music plays.  Their punk rock is loud, infinitely louder than anything I’ve attended recently. Their showmanship is great, their energy contagious, and their variety appealing. In “Running for the Razors,” Krevin beatboxes the intro! Their next song, which lists the days of the week as well as profanity, is a fun sing-along number that really gets the crowd going. Rambunctious for a Monday night, a mosh pit lurks beneath the surface of drunken dancing and prancing in front of the stage. There must be a phrase for mosh pit of four, but Krevin does not hestitate to jump off of the stage, mic in hand, and start bashing around the crowd with them. They sample hints of Rock Band songs (like Rush classic “Tom Sawyer”), but not enough to detract from their own unique sound. “Puke Rock” is downright funny, and yet still hardcore. A drumstick war ensues between the drummer and the audience, one that doesn’t seem to result in victory on either side. I haven’t seen such intense, sweaty drumming since Derek Simpson played two sets in one evening. “Eenie Meenie” contains a period of almost-rap, and the Fake Shark Real Zombie talk is all merited. Their variety, energy and real deal punk make for a great show.

09-10-05 AdjectiveAdjective is a local band that I see on a regular basis. While they still use Adam Veenendaal (The Ludvico Treatment) to fill in on the drums, I can see that he’s getting used to his new role by the diminishing frequency of his angry faces while he plays. The crowd was surprisingly rambunctious for a Monday night, causing Adjective to wrap up their set early as they tried to keep one particularly drunk girl off of Ryan and the stage. Adjective’s post-punk is the real deal as well, and you can get more of both Fake Shark Real Zombie and Adjective on the Quadruple Dare record they’re releasing on October 17th with The Good News and Junior Major. (One audience member asked how you spell quadruple, to which Ryan jokingly replied, “Uh… four-uple.”) The CD release party is on October 17th at the Rickshaw Theatre, where the four bands will be covering each other’s songs and generally having a laugh.

Fake Shark Real Zombie Set List
1. 66 Such
2. Avrl Kadaver
3. Devo
4. Angel Lust
5. Designer
6. Running for the Razors
7. MTW
8. Sestri
9. Puke Rock
10. Eenie Meenie
11. Pair o Dice
Adjective Set List
1. PW1
2. Grim Repairs
3. Snake on the Periphery
4. The One We Know
5. Integer
6. The Astrosized Ostranaut
7. Goodbye.wav
8. Non-Insane Automaton
9. Bedhead
10. Monstrous Little Boy
11. Profession

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