BILLY THE KID with COLIN RINK at the Railway Club

Photography by Leigh Eldridge

Colin Rink has “that Bob Dylan, I-don’t-give-a-f*ck style,” says Padma. There is definitely an Irish twang to his Bob Dylanity, and I like his vibe. The songs begin to bleed together, because the only think Colin is lacking is variety. He played an energetic set, and actually went through three picks, something I’ve never seen before. His last song (about Mary) sounded very Irish, but the music sounds very country western in a European sense… I keep waiting for a tumbleweed to blow across the stage! It picks up, and the crammed-in lyrics encourage laughter from the crowd. His voice cracks when he asks for audience participation: “I need your help in singing the last verse… And maybe I’ll go through puberty at the same time.” You can see more photos from his January show at the Tipper.

Billy the Kid begins her set with a sound check of accapella singing, which brings the pub chatter to a halt as everyone stops to listen. Her voice is both clear and smoky, something that belongs on a Women & Songs collection, or in the Babes For Breasts tour. Recently engaged, a diamond sparkles on her left hand as she plays the guitar next to the keyboard she’ll also be tickling. The pub is silent as she ends her first song, and the second, and the third. This is a remarkably attentive audience, but well-deserved. Her songs remind me of Amanda Marshall, and her range is impressive. Her stage presence is entertaining, sweet and funny. Her voice is pure and clear, soft and beautiful, but she’s got some pipes when she wants to use them.

She introduces one of her songs as “another song about hard times, about just getting by. I couldn’t remember the lyrics to the second verse at another show, and no one else in the audience could remember it. It was like the Bermuda Triangle of lyrical amnesia!” Everyone was more than happy to sing along to the chorus, and after her set we all sang her “Happy Birthday.” Billy choked up, then sent us all a Facebook message the next day to tell us how amazing the show was. Trust me, Billy: we know.

Billy the Kid will continue touring Canada throughout February and March, so check out her MySpace page for tour dates. This is one rising star you don’t want to miss.

Colin Rink Set List
1. SF Earthquake 1906
2. On the Run
3. Portland Town
4. When the Ship Comes In
5. Fabled City
6. Ain’t It Lonely
7. Bury Me Deep in the Ground
8. Ramblin’ Me

Billy the Kid Set List
1. Everything dies
2. “This song is for Randall” It’ll be okay, it just won’t be the same
3. You watched me drown
4. The Drugs
5. These City Lights
6. You shouldn’t have to live like this / This is where you live but it’s not your home / Allison, you can make it on your own
You’ll never notice if I don’t speak up
8. Houdini
9. Sixteen Tonnes (cover)

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  1. Padma says:

    Most fun I’ve had at a show (where I wasn’t playing) in ages.

  2. Emmaleetta says:

    So much fun!!
    Wish I could have been there! Come to Sarnia!!

  3. Barb says:

    …AND…you kicked ass!