Danny Echo

Photo by Leigh Eldridge

I’ve been following Danny Echo since April, long before they were nominated for the Peak Performance Project. They were my third interview and are still one of my favourite rock bands. Still rocking out to their self-titled album, which was only just released in February, Danny Echo is climbing the charts as they learn and grow with the Peak Performance Project experience. This particular post deals with two of their recent shows, both of which were opening for various tribute bands at local pubs in Vancouver. Though they played the same set list on both nights, the experiences were very different.

14 November 2009 at The Bourbon

The Bourbon is not just big, it’s huge! By far the biggest pub I’ve ever been to in Vancouver. Known for it’s high stage and live music, it guarantees a crowd (and a sizeable one at that). My problem is that the crowd is there for the pub, not the music. If they want to listen, they do, but if they aren’t interested then you’re out of luck. It’s a strange feeling, being surrounded by an audience that may or may not care. Danny Echo put in 100% effort and humour no matter what their environment. After playing “Given Up Giving Up,” Dan pointed at Mark as he told the crowd, “That’s on our CD, which we’ll be selling out of the back of his car in the alley after the show… among other things.” It was a good venue for Danny Echo’s brand of British-style rock, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Danny Echo bubbles

Photo by Leigh Eldridge

28 November 2009 at Pub 340

Pub 340 is tiny in comparison to The Bourbon, but those who come are there for the music. The stage is lower and smaller, but as long as Danny Echo can set up their projector at an interesting angle, they’re happy. This particular set opened with Dan on the harmonica, something I’d never seen before. He even plays the tambourine through the first song! The crowd was really digging the set, singing along and interacting with the band. Since it’s the end of the month, we all had to say goodbye to Dan’s moustache. Their bigger hits (such as “Tomorrow Today,” which is getting airplay on The Peak) were very popular with the crowd, as well as their bubble and smoke machines and fire extinguisher finale. The crowd sang along to the end of “Better You Than Me,” and I’ve never seen such happy campers.

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1. Your Breaking Down
2. Out of Style
3. Killing Me
4. Tomorrow Today
5. Given Up Giving Up
6. I Can’t Take It Anymore
7. Close To Home
8. Better You Than Me

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