Deet Street Presents: THE BURNETTES with PADMA and ZENITH D. WONDERPANTS at the Railway Club


1. Spacefood & Balloons
2. With My Friends – Wouldn’t it be nice if food just grew on trees?
3. Pilot
4. It’s Done – “An apology to the next generation if we can’t fix it in time.” 

The Burnettes

Cora and Chris Burnette are the quirky husband and wife duo who play together and with a band. Returning to the scene after starting a family, The Burnettes are currently accompanied by Cara Felde on bass and Eric Lowe on drums. We quickly learn that Eric “refuses to wear any ‘outfits'” while on stage, a curious rebellion against the eccentricity of Cora and Chris, the former wearing what looks like a red plastic dress, blue pants and vintage shoes, and the latter in a plush KISS housecoat with gold chains adorning his bare torso. Their music is just as strange, 

2. F*ck 2010 

Zenith D. Wonderpants

This is Zenith’s third Railway Club show in four days. Now that he might as well move in, he proves that the third time is a charm by playing his best set yet. Currently visiting Earth from the farthest reaches of the Fantazon Galaxy, Zeny-D’s whimsical acoustic solo project spins off of something bigger: Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance. Mr. Wonderpants perfected his concoction of entertaining stage presence, absurd lyrics and heartfelt music in this show, by far his most engaging performance to date. He charmed the socks off the audience, and finished an entire Railway Club mug of beer in one go, much to my chagrin/amazement. 

1. As It Pours
2. King’s Fresh Mead
3. Beach 2009
4. President’s Choice
5. Canvas
6. LCD vs. Plasma TV
7. Drinking Alone
8. Oars
9. Vegetarian Samosa 

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