The Planes is fronted by just two guys (Robin and his brother) who are having a good time, having a good time. It feels good to write that again, since I’ve only ever been able to use it on Katastroyka in previous posts. It seems this entire concert is about guys who are having a good time. Robin and his brother both sing in most of the songs, which gives them a nice twist on what would normally be a lead singer and a backing vocalist. Their harmonies sound good, because of course they’re related. The song with the lyrics Blue water… don’t take the subway on Sunday sounds like a rock song by Stars, with a hint of 2nd Floor Suicide. I’m impressed, intrigued and captivated by this diamond in the rough… local bands win (me over) again.

Little did I know, the night was far from over. I doubt any other two-piece band can carry themselves as well as Miaou Miaou does. It also seems that any band touches Raphaël Perdriau turns to gold (he’s also the drummer of The Film Industry). With a minimalist drum kit and only an electric guitar (not even a single pedal), Sean MacPherson and Raphaël still get the crowd going with their upbeat pop-rock. They’re both wearing white t-shirts that ask, “Who is Steve Fon yo?” My guess is as good as yours at this point. The vocals have a Tokyo Police Club vibe in the way Sean sings. The song with the lyrics You look so beautiful when you’re mad is by far my favourite, it has the best vocals and the drums are great! After that song, people start dancing and jumping in front of the stage, since the Miaou Miaou energy is contagious. This last song is a tribute to the dying era of the redneck. Sean explains, “I dreamed this day would come, but now that it’s upon us, I can’t exist without them!” Miaou Miaou are responsible for an energetic set of melodramatic pop that can get almost any feet tapping. Miaou Miaou photos by Jill Hancock are coming, so don’t get upset about my dim BlackBerry snap! We’ve posted their YouTube music video “Summertime III” on our homepage, and we’ll be hosting an interdisciplinary event at Little Mountain Gallery featuring Miaou Miaou.

Unfortunately, I could not stay to see Katastroyka end the evening, but you can read what I’ve written about them in the past because they’re another of my favourite local bands. I highly recommend all three bands on this bill, so make sure you check them out and see if you can catch them at another show in Vancouver.

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