Lead singer Justin Wong of The Patience Product wears red Converse All Stars as he climbs the stage and picks up his dark teal guitar. His laid-back, beach-inspired fashion sense is reflected in his music, which sounds strangely familiar and yet nothing I can put my finger on. High school memories abound as nostalgia washes over me. Their new songs takes on a different sound, as they’re now putting more rock into their emo-pop-rock mix. It’s interesting to have someone play the keyboard, it gives the music a very different atmosphere. I miss Dave Cotton, who sang the harmony on Dead End on Impatience Street on the album Change of Heart, Change of Tune. But times change and we change with the times, and Dave’s replacement is great. He has a good solo in the new song, which goes by the working title “An Eerie Melody.” There is a big cheer for him as Justin introduces his new band members. At this point, only the drummer is from the original lineup. I applaud Justin for integrating new musicians, new instruments and new musical elements without losing the signature Patience Product sound.

There aren’t many times I can use the word “jaw-dropping” to describe a live show, but by the time Kilmore Place reaches the second verse of their first song, the distance between my raised eyebrows and dropped jaw is significant. Let me begin with the musicians and instruments. Lead singer Ryan Bacchus plays an acoustic guitar, lending an emotional element to the vocals and the music. Marcus Abramzik plays the six-string bass, something I’ve only seen in Hey Rosetta!. Bands win Backstage Vancouver brownie points when the bass is an active (and sometimes even complex) part of the music, and Marcus is as important to the songs as the guitars. Local band 2nd Floor Suicide has similar success with their bass player, while Katastroyka’s bass falls short of this accomplishment.

Greg England is mind-blowing with precision picking on his electric guitar(s), and Ryan’s voice is unusually surreal. It helps that he can actually hit the high notes. Bryce Wagner lends another level to the multi-storey complex that is Kilmore Place. Primarily on the keys, Bryce also has a huge floor tom on a dangerously sharp drum stand that will boldly challenge any passer-by to a fight in the back alley. Losing to this particular weld of metal will result in some variation of hepatitis. Bryce has more eerie melodies in recorded tracks that are not played this evening, but his segment is as crucial to the musical landscape as any other band member. The newest band member, drummer Eisa Godoussey, must have greatly appreciated the large pillar that separated him from Bryce at The Roxy. According to local lore, Bryce will often abandon his floor tom in favour of bashing one of Eisa’s cymbals, or another part of the drum kit that’s within reach. Because Eisa joined the band after two EPs were released, he decided to adopt the original drumming style rather than bring in his own methods in case of losing the sound of Kilmore Place. I’m curious as to how much of his own style has influenced the drums, but it’s nice to see such dedication to the original sound.

In terms of music, is it wrong that I prefer the songs that weren’t on their EPs? Greg and Ryan team up for the Monkey song, which I’d say is my favourite but for the fact that it will be everyone else’s favourite too. Much like the Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah,” it’s an instant classic (but in a good way). “The Guards Don’t Sleep” might be their best live song that has been recorded and released, but it’s not as good as their brand new song “Bag It Up,” which is nothing short of mind-blowing at this point in the show. “Wait” has never been more powerful, and yet it’s different from the recorded version. There are amazing solos from Greg in this song, and Marcus is very talented too. It’s watching each individual musician that helps me determine the quality of the band, and Kilmore Place passes the parts-of-the-whole test with flying colours and a light show.

Big fans of Arkells, the band throws in a cover of the first verse of “John Lennon.” We’ll be attending the Arkells concert on November 19th, and we’re all really excited about it. In the meantime, I still can’t believe how incredible the Kilmore Place live show is. I enjoyed the music on their EPs (since anything even remotely tinged with emo will win me over), but compared to their recorded music, Kilmore Place is best enjoyed live, and I’ll say no more about it.

The Patience Product Set List
1. Intro
2. …and I must endure reality soon
3. The Heinekin Song
4. 10 Days of Messenger Names
5. Black Like Me (Spoon)
6. An Eerie Melody
7. Change of Heart, Change of Tune
8. Dead End on Impatience Street

Kilmore Place Set List
1. Run Away
2. Lost at a Wedding
3. Night’s Forgotten
Interlude: “John Lennon” opening verse (Arkells cover)
4. Monkey
5. White Sandy Shore
6. Bag It Up
7. The Guards Don’t Sleep
8. Wait

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  1. Melanie Shim says:

    It was a great show! Hope to see them (both) in concert soon. :)

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  3. Kilmoreman says:

    Awesome show.

  4. Austin Lee says:

    Yea, I agree with the above post.

  5. Tim C says:

    That’s a wicked review you guys.

    Being a drummer myself and toured with Eisa on many of the worldwide gigs he plays, I’ve had the chance to stand alongside Eisa Godoussey and one thing is for certain, the style and energy he brings on stage is surreal.

    Of course, if you’re not a drummer you won’t see much of a difference but if you compare the technical drumming Eisa does in comparison to what is on the recordings, your mind will blow away. His dedication to originality is very true, but being a student and a follower of his drumming, I can assure you that it’s his style and drumming perspective that allows the sound of a band to not be misplaced.

    Awesome review by backstage.

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  7. Aq_thedrummer says:

    what a fantastic character Eisa is…
    he is simply one of those kind of guys you always want to be around.. a fantastic drummer, friend, and pilot, who is able to have fun and maintain prestige… truly one of a kind and any band would be very lucky to have him…

    eisa if you read this, keep ap’ng the drums (inside joke)…

  8. Kilmore Al says:

    Amazing review guys! It’s nice to see someone talk about the live show and how awesome the performance was. Champagn Supernova at the end was sweet!
    cool site. Oh and The Monkey Song is the best!!!

  9. Aq_thedrummer says:

    KP killed it

  10. JollyJackass! says:

    Great review…and an even better show. I’ve seen them more times than I can count, and I have to say; KP was electric. They just seem to get better and better. The new songs are also my favourite. I can’t wait for their next record!

  11. P.J. says:

    Kilmore Place killed it. And boy what a tight rhythm section. Those guys sure are awesome players.

  12. Cool post! How much stuff did you have to look up in order to write this one? I can tell you put some work in.

  13. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feed also, Thanks.