MIA MOTH at the Backstage Lounge

Mia Moth1 November 2009 at the Backstage Lounge | Photography by Mike McHolm

My introduction to Mia Moth came when I saw them play at the Yale Hotel in September. A little wary of the song titles and the other gothic (or more specifically “mothic”) representations on their MySpace and website, how could I have guessed that this would become one of my favourite live acts in town? I’ve already said that her energy level is on par with that of Metric, and with a large enough following, Mia Moth could rock a much larger venue and entertain everyone in the room. Add a light show and you’re golden.

Mia Moth plays a full set to an attentive audience. More than once I see people leave their chairs to dance to the music, and it’s hard to keep your body from moving when their energy is so infectious. Although the vocals are an acquired taste, they’re well worth the acquisition. If you enjoy your music as dark and exciting as 85% cocoa dark chocolate, then Mia Moth is the band for you. You can see them play again in November and December, their shows are listed on their MySpace page.


1. Devil Music
2. Sunny at Night
3. Cut You Again
4. Blow 4 Blow
5. Wunna These Daze
6. Crazytown
7. Gimme Sumthin 4 the Pain
8. On the Count of 3
9. Brand New Key
10. Watching Secretly
11. Daddy’s Girl
12. All There Is
13. Slut U R
14. You’ve Been Served

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  2. Shawnster says:

    I might go see Mia Moth tonight TOTALLY BASED ON THIS REVIEW. And, uhm, also, because the band asked me to.