Photo by Mike McHolm

Photo by Mike McHolm

14 October 2009 at the Railway Club

The problem with attending two shows in one evening is that you can’t see everyone play. After watching Katastroyka at Pub 340 earlier tonight, I jumped in my car and raced to the Railway Club in time to see Quite Testy ironing out some feedback kinks in the sound system. While I was early for them, I was still a little pouty about missing Satori Tide, a reggae funk band I met the night I met Quite Testy some months ago at the Purple Crab.

Quite Testy is just that. MarQuo plays the bass and sings, in between yelling profanities at the audience and generally ruffling everyone’s feathers. Derek Simpson is my favourite drummer (this is no secret), and the two of them create quite a cacophony. MarQuo and I both share “Keys” as our favourite song, and it was in fact the first song he and Derek ever wrote. I’m not sure yet if I look forward more to the music or the heckling, but I know that I’ll always enjoy a live show if Quite Testy is on the bill.




Quite Testy Set List
2. Grade ‘A’ Lies
3. This Is Me! Is This You?
4. Keys
5. Virgin Mary
6. Look In Your Eye
7. Don’t Even Know You (Yet)
8. Slow Burn

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  1. Ashandra says:

    I am a huge fan of Quite Testy. Love to see a great review. Can’t wait to see them play again.

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