Seven Nines and Tens (Leigh Eldridge)

Photography by Leigh Eldridge :: I won’t deny my bias when it comes to Seven Nines And Tens. Not only are they represented by Backstage Vancouver, but they’re also a musical favourite of mine. I’m inexplicably attracted to progressive rock (probably because instrumental music always seems like a higher plane of thinking and being, in my opinion), and the SNAT brand is no less alluring than any other. They’re also visually fascinating, since I never know where to look or who to watch. Dave Cotton is a guitar wizard, Aylon Cohen is almost mental on the bass, Earl Heath gets complicated on the drums, and Matt Munro completes the landscape of their sound. One of my favourite songs is “Spank Me Jensen,” which is quite epic. The sporadic lyrics (read yelling) seem to be the stumbling block for most would-be fans, but I don’t think it’s something that should be scrapped purely because it’s hard for audiences to handle. I admire the creativity of Seven Nines and Tens, and look forward to spending an upcoming SNATurday with them. Their upcoming show is January 22nd at Pat’s Pub. See the Backstage Vancouver Concert Calendar for more details.

The Patience Product (Leigh Eldridge)I first met Seven Nines And Tens the first time I attended a Railway Club show of The Patience Product. I was hooked from that first show, by both bands. The Patience Product has undergone a face lift since then, changing to Justin Hurley on guitar, Benson on bass and adding Greg on keys. The first few songs have Justin Hurley playing an acoustic guitar, which lends them a slightly different feel when appropriate. He wears the Danny Echo shirt he bought at the Backstage Vancouver Showcase in December, visual proof of the community we’re building in the heart of the Vancouver music scene. I can’t help but notice how The Patience Product band structure almost mimics that of Kilmore Place, although there is little musical comparison between the two. Front man and lead singer Justin Wong pours his heart into this product of his patience, and original member Sean Cueto gives the drums his all.

As they open their set with their instrumental intro, I wonder how many people are mislead by the lack of lyrics? When they get into full swing with their second song, “…and I Must Endure Reality Soon,” I can’t help but sit back and relax, thinking O my [high-school] heart. This is a reflection on the nostalgia I feel when I listen to The Patience Product, like music I used to enjoy back in my early youth but have never heard before the start of Backstage Vancouver. The easy-breezy vibe of “Beer: The Heinekin Song” leaves me craving a cold drink. Justin Hurley is a great addition to the band, lending harmony and an occasional shaker. The epic pop-rock heartbeat of the music comes from somewhere deep inside Justin Wong, which gives his music a genuine honesty and realism. Their performance of “Black Like Me” results in Justin Wong jumping around the stage, something I’ve never seen him do. Is it inspired or is he wired? I guess we’ll never know (unless I ask him). The new members add dimensions to Justin Wong’s songs, and crazy Benson’s antics are fun to watch. Their upcoming show is January 28th at the Backstage Lounge. See the Backstage Vancouver Concert Calendar for more details.

I’m going to be bold in this, our first post of 2010. Ruskin is a band to watch in 2010. Their raw potential is just waiting to explode, perhaps when they move further into Vancouver (Ruskin is a rural area 40km east of the city). Boasting three vocalists who are also comfortable on lead, rhythm and bass guitars, their rotating style of performance gives their music both cohesion and variety. I’d liken them to Arkells, but only in their pleasant stage camaraderie and musical style. Their sound ranges from sound scapes to rock and roll, even touching on folk (this description comes from their MySpace page, and I couldn’t agree more). “Coast/Floor” is absolutely my favourite song, and I can’t wait for them to record it. Ruskin should be in the next Peak Performance Project, although their current focus is booking frequent shows and just playing music. “Jenny” is also a favourite of mine, and fans demand more when they finish their eight song set. Their encore is “Jet Stream,” something they haven’t played together in two months. Check out their MySpace songs but be prepared for the next wave of new material. As for upcoming shows, they may make an appearance at the next Backstage Vancouver Showcase (January 26th at the Railway Club). Stay tuned for details.

1. Intro
2. …and I Must Endure Reality Soon
3. The Heinekin Song
4. 10 Days of Messenger Names
5. Black Like Me
6. Soundscapes of Pandora’s Box
7. Change of Heart, Change of Tune
8. Dead End on Impatience Street

1. I’m a Mile
2. I’m Alright
3. The End is Near
4. My Place
5. Coast/Floor
6. Fag (F*ck off!)
7. Jenny
8. Mooks

Jet Stream

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