Photography by Lindsay Elliott :: After witnessing a pretty incredible show by Amy Millan at Biltmore Cabaret, the venue changed gears and turned the whole place into one big dance party.  As part of the Biltmore’s weekly “Glory Days” night, resident DJs My!Gay!Husband! and Sincerely Hana combine forces with Sex With Strangers to produce a night that is surprisingly fun.

The party is already in full dancing mode shortly after the doors opened; there is loud music, smoke machines and people moving and flaying to the beat.  Sex With Strangers graces the stage about an hour after and keep people freely dance, dance, dancing.  Holding a release party for their latest record, The Tokyo Steel, this band is one of the most energetic I have ever seen.  Lead vocalist Hatch Benedict and his frenzied stage presence is a sight and simply encourages the crowd to imitate (which they willingly do.)

Playing tracks from The Tokyo Steel, Sex With Strangers sounds tight; they have an amazing sense of self and are true and genuine to their craft.  It is safe to say that the energy all band members bring to the live shows makes their songs come alive and perhaps even sound better than on a recording.  Some notable live versions include “New City Anthem,” in which its epic sound becomes more epic; “We Want The Fire,” in which a good beat is provided to bop your head side-to-side; and “Sharpen the Knife,” in which its almost cacophonous sound is intriguing.

Sex With Strangers end their surprisingly short set with “Last of the Unreals”; here, Benedict seems to channel the late Michael Hutchence of INXS and Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode.

The dance party continues into the wee hours as My!Gay!Husband and Sincerely Hana provide the sounds and the beats to one happening jamboree. The partygoers are happy right until closing and I actually have a great time, seeing as I wore out my own dancing shoes. Catch Sex With Strangers next time they are playing a show.  You will not regret the decision to kick off your Sunday shoes!

1. Tokyo Steel
2. The Dawn of Sexy
3. We Want The Fire
4. Dance Commander
5. Sharpen the Knife
6. Last of the Unreals
7. (The Part Where You) Surrender
8. Dance Police
9. New City Anthem

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