SHERA KELLY at the Backstage Lounge

Photography by Leigh Eldridge :: I just finished this post, then promptly lost the progress before it was saved. So now I begin again, with a much more concise second version… Shera Kelly was extraordinary. She was sweet, charming and funny, and she rocked my socks.

And now, for a longer explanation of why I’m in love with Shera Kelly, let’s begin with the band. Shera Kelly is a cute girl with an acoustic guitar, accompanied by Marcus Abramzik on double bass and backing vocals, Steven Klein on electric and acoustic guitar, and Alicia Murray on drums and percussion. I had no idea what to expect, but I liked them already. The first song was off to a shaky start, but by the second song Shera Kelly regained her foothold in the local music scene. She sings songs about real life, from being a girl (All I want is to have babies and throw frisbees… What makes the difference between a boy and a man? You never hold my hand / It’s not chivalry, it’s subtlety) to transportation issues (about hit-and-run solutions, less pollution, and helmet hair). Her sweet voice soars, like Sarah McLaughlin without the irritation. Combined with intriguing melodies and creative tunes, it’s the ticket to acoustic wonderland.

Shera’s music has a tiny bit of country twang, and her voice holds throughout the set. “Stand by the Sea” has an ethereal sound, and I can only imagine it as the soundtrack to living on a beach-front property on an island, alone in the middle of a misty ocean, wistful and hopeful and content all at once. “The Violin” sounds like the dance scene of a musical; it’s down and dirty like Chicago. “Never Maybe” is a sexy song about bodies entwining, just as the sultry bass entwines with her sweet vocals. This might be my favourite song, though it’s next to impossible to choose. When the song ends, Shera admits that she’s “a little turned on right now.” Her stage presence is endearing, and the banter between Shera and Marcus is naturally amusing. The song she dedicates to cyclists, “Bicycle Commuters Anthem,” is tenfold better than Coco Love Alcorn’s bicycle song.

When the engaged crowd calls for an encore, Shera decides to improvise some reggae. “I work in a hammock store and there’s so much reggae, it’ll probably all just come out of my subconscious.” It’s the best spur-of-the-moment reggae impression I’ve ever heard. Shera Kelly will be playing a stripped-down, acoustic set at Trees Organic Coffee House (Granville St) on February 19th, and if you don’t check it out then I’ll tackle you with a hammock and pin you down until you apologize and make it up to me somehow.

Set List
1. Seafoam Green
2. Black Chariot
3. Stand By the Sea
4. The Violin
5. Never Maybe
6. La Da Da Da
7. Bicycle Commuters Anthem
8. Lumberman’s Arch

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  1. Ruthy says:

    It is so great Shera and group!!!
    Keep going…. it is just the beggining…..