STARS with HEY ROSETTA! at the Orpheum

Hey Rosetta! appears in a seemingly different incarnation from the first time I saw them at JunoFest last year, but as I wonder where the rest of the band is, the final two band members appear in the middle of the first song. Hey Rosetta! instroduced me to the six-string bass, and at this show Josh Ward sometimes puts it down to play the mandolin instead. Romesh Thavanathan alternates between the cello and the electric guitar, keyboard and xylophone, and Tim Baker  alternates between acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the keyboard as well. My only complaint is that the transition from soft to hard in “I’ve Been Asleep for a Long, Long Time” was a little sloppy. The introduction to “Red Heart” was unusual, featuring lots of little noises and instruments that disguised the song so we couldn’t guess what it would be. The standing ovation ended in boos and hisses when they didn’t come out for an encore, but that’s to be expected for a band this talented.


Set List
1. There is only one thing
2. Elevator Love Letter (melodica)
3. Bitches in Tokyo “It’s so awesome to be here for Superbowl weekend…”
4. A Thread Cut With a Carving Knife
5. Undertow
6. Dead Hearts
7. Calendar Girl
8. What the Snowman Learned About Love (trumpet)
9. Silence in the morning / I can see what’s coming / but I won’t say a word (Window Bird) “This is going to be the year we get rid of Stephen Harper!”
10. The Year of Revolution “This one’s for Hey Rosetta!”
11. Look Up
12. Take Me to the Riot
14. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (with string section of Hey Rosetta! And melodica and trumpet again)

“Don’t do drugs until after your event”
1. Winter Bones
2. Ageless Beauty
“…Having said that, here’s a song about fucking someone to death.”
3. One More Night
“We’re Stars and so are you. Goodnight!”

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