I took a wonderful sea-bus ride over to North Vancouver to find a venue where a band called Ten Suns is playing. Upon finding the Eagles Hall (or the Starlight Room, which I prefer), I find the first act “Charlie and Lanny” playing U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name”on ukulele and guitar. Both Charlie and Lanny are from a group called Memory Day, and I suggest you check them out because their music is fantastic.

I looked around the room of young and old rockers, coming out to support this band in the form of a silent auction, which boasted everything from paintings (by Duane Murrin of Ten Suns) to singing lessons, a Canucks Jersey, Organic Coffee, and so much more.

When Ten Suns took to the stage, the 10-piece band spilled onto the floor as well. The horn and strings section set up on either side of the core of the band. All the different sounds from the different musicians worked so well, not once did anything sound out of place. I asked Byron (cello) how big their jam space is, and he said, “Just big enough.” He also told me that they usually don’t have everyone together for all the practices, which makes it more amazing that everything flowed so well.

Red (lead singer) has an awesome vocal range, and a great personality both on and off the stage. She wasn’t the only one with the great voice, having three or four other band members on backing vocals as well. As Ten Suns played, they handed out various instruments to the crowd. I always love audience participation, which makes it more of a dance party than a show. Ten Suns can make any show a big fun dance party, and time flies with this band because before I knew it, the show was over. A great end to the set was hearing that Red, a great spokesperson, auctioned off a Ten Suns show for $575!

I like to keep my ear to the ground, and it sounds like Ten Suns might be going on tour this summer. Look out, because with a fundraising evening like this one, this band is going to be around for a while. Bring your sunscreen to their next show!

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