09-09-19 Show Poster19 September 2009 at the Railway Club | Photography by Leigh Eldridge

The Film Industry humbly take the stage, understated and quiet. They begin their set and don’t utter a word. I’m a sucker for post-rock and instrumental music (Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky performed two of the greatest concerts I’ve ever attended), but wasn’t expecting to hear any at this particular show. Self-described “groove-oriented escape music,” The Film Industry really can take you away from everything. Unfortunately, in a pub setting this style of music becomes background more than main stage. It’s hard to find good local post-rock bands (so far I’ve only uncovered Seven Nines and Tens), so The Film Industry has my attention.

Citizens for Airplanes were unable to hold my attention. It wasn’t that I didn’t like their music, but I felt that the vocals did not match the style of the band. This makes me curious, but I was unable to listen to the entire set so I won’t say much more about this band.

Go Ghetto Tiger

Photo by Leigh Eldridge

Go Ghetto Tiger are celebrating their new music video: “Hell For The Soul.” Times are changing for this band. Foundational members MarQuo (vocals, bass) and Super J (keyboards) wave goodbye to drummer JQ as they transition into a new stage. Meanwhile, Derek Simpson (Quite Testy, 2nd Floor Suicide) will take over until a replacement can be found (though I’m sure JQ isn’t the only one who thinks he is irreplaceable). They’ll be adding a second keyboard player in order to fully complete the sound they achieve on their recorded music, so this is the last show with the current edition of Go Ghetto Tiger, and parting is such sweet sorrow. Go Ghetto Tiger promises to bounce back from this change, return stronger than ever, and not lose their distinct sound. The only thing left to wonder is whether or not they’ll maintain their jumpsuit tradition. We’ll know for sure at their Halloween show with 2nd Floor Suicide at the Purple Crab restaurant (Main & 23rd), where I first met MarQuo. His crazy antics and outrageous statements are the cornerstone of both Go Ghetto Tiger and Quite Testy, and I can’t imagine any other lead singer/bass player to attempt two bands with no guitarist and a strong desire to provoke the audience.

The Bends are Vancouver’s Radiohead tribute band, a group of “seasoned musicians who share an intense love for the band.” While I’m not as familiar with Radiohead as I’d like to be, I can tell you that an evening with The Bends is just as good as listening to the Radiohead playlist on my iPod. If you’re a fan of the band (either one), let me know what you think of them! They’re playing again on November 14th at The Bourbon if you like Radiohead and live music.

The Bends Set List
Paranoid Android

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  1. marQuo says:

    Thank you so much Lauren .

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a big radiohead fan and was there at The RAilway Club to hear The Bends. They did a phenomenal job!! The lead singer has a very similar sound to Radiohead’s lead and collectively they were really able to capture the distinct sound of Radiohead. Aside from being a great cover band, they put on a great show. Looking forward to their next one!

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