Photography by Jesse Winter Heading :: A frog once said “It’s not easy being green.” It is if you’re wearing green on St Patrick’s Day and watching Whitey and The Ivy league Brawlers at the Bourbon.

Whitey are supporting their new album, West of Hope, significant because they’re from Chilliwack.  Accompanying them on stage for the first song was their long-time friend and rapper Fresh Logic. Nikko Harris, the drummer from The Ivy League Brawlers, also helped out on the song “West of Hope”.  This band is as musically sound as a drum, but they add so many layers to their music: a Latin vibe, funk and of course some straight-up rock as well. A total of six members are in this band; Joe on guitar, Colin on bass, Cole on trumpet, Mike on trombone, Bryce on keyboard, and Paul on drums. These guys have all been friends for many years, which explains their rich sound. They always seem to have the most fun out of everyone that comes to the show, and that’s why people keep coming back for more Whitey.  They’re going on a small interior and Vancouver Island tour, before playing another show on May 1st at the Railway Club.

The Ivy League Brawlers have eight members; a very large horn section makes up most of the band, along with two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. Their sound reminds of up-tempo swing music from back in the day, mixed with their own blend of Ska. Everyone was really into this band, including a lot of girls they brought on stage, which made it impossible to move. But they still found room to get Cole and Mike from Whitey to come and add some more horns, making it a very horny stage, if you ask me. The Ivy League Brawlers are coming out with their first full-length album called The Argyle Album, named after the time they all went out and bought argyle sweaters. They recorded it in September 2009 at Fader Master Studios, and their CD release is also on May 1st at the North Shore Neighborhood House (all ages).

I must say, for a room full of green people, we sure had fun down at the Bourbon. Until next time, keep listening and change your socks.

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