THE PLANES with YONCALIA DRAIN at Funky Winker Bean’s

I should’ve been paying more attention to the music on stage, but I’m easily distracted by the grungy local show scene I’ve been avoiding for so long. A green marker stains my wrist as I gain entry, walking straight towards the music of a band I can actually see. Funky Winker Bean’s, in an effort to move up in the world, has installed a stage. I last saw Treelines here, their Canadian indie-rock humbled by the ground-level performance. The tenor saxophone on stage catches my eye, but the band finishes the song and starts tearing down before I even get a taste of their style. My timing tonight is impeccable.

Or not. I assumed the next band would be The Planes, but unless they all quit and got a new drummer and a female singer/guitarist then this is a different band entirely. Reverb cuts them off less than a minute into their set, reminding of the sting of the Chicago Blackhawks goal shortly only four hours prior. They rock well enough, pumping a decent amount of sound out of two instruments. Lyn’s voice is pleasant, balancing the electric guitar and loud drums and reminding me of a cross between Rilo Kiley and Paper Moon. Speaking to Ian of The Planes, it turns out that the duo is a side-project of Portico (minus the bass player). This incarnation is called Yoncalia Drain. I love the way this music makes me feel, like lying down on fresh green grass in the spring. The music has dimension, and I can’t wait to get a hold of the lyrics to see if they measure up.

The Planes start out with a much heavier sound than I remember, but now it dawns on me that my local comparison was to 2nd Floor Suicide, and now I’d have to add that they’re a cross between 2nd Floor Suicide and Kilmore Place. The echo in Robin’s vocals gives them an interesting sound, taking me back to a rather different time while still being a modern band that likes to rock. I’m always curious about the strap length preference between guitar and bass players. Perhaps the bass players seem sexy because they act like they don’t care? “Vortex” draws out some dancing from the crowd, but it’s the two songs before that are my favourite. Another song, about you sing high and I’ll sing low reminds me of The Killers. There’s no denying the full sound of The Planes, so if you’re looking for some rock that’s guaranteed to float your boat rather than bore your socks off, check out The Planes! I can only hope their album can do their sound justice.

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  2. sts says:

    HI dude, can i post articles to your website ? Let me know if you are interested

  3. KG says:

    The Planes drummer left the band. They’ve found another great fit and now go by a new name. ” The New Normal “.