THE SHRUGS with THE VELVET CHAMELEON at the Backstage Lounge

Photography by Duncan Mackay :: It was a frosty night down on Granville Island at the Backstage Lounge. The first band of the evening was The Velvet Chameleon.  Their set started out with some cool bass noises coming from Justin Seidl, then moved into a rockier sound. Most of their set had very catchy surf riffs, and at one point had the whole crowd hand-clapping away. I really liked the smooth transitions between guitarists Adarsh Fernando and Wesley Krauss.  The keyboards (also by Wesley) seemed to add another aspect to the music, as well as great drum beats by Marcus Luk. The bass lines were a bit too comfortable for my liking; they need a fresh sound to escape being gobbled up by the keyboards and guitar. I talked to Adarsh after the set, and he told me that they have been playing together for a year, but had known each other since high school.  This band is definitely going places, if they can give their sometimes jumbled set a smoother run. Their sound is unique, and I would definitely recommend seeing them play.

Throughout the entire Velvet Chameleon set, I was seated next to The Shrugs, next to take the stage. It was great to finally see which part each played in the band. Each person has a different charisma and it came through when they played. The women of The Shrugs (Caitlin Connelly on lead vocals and Stephanie Cole on bass) both have a sexy, wild energy about them. To top that off, Caitlin has an amazing voice and Stephanie kicks ass on bass, giving you a show you don’t want to miss. Adding to the mix is guitarist Brandon Johnas, who shreds the stage with great solos and reminds me of the lead singer from Wolfmother. Greg Mills blasted cool rockabilly beats, giving the band great country-punk songs, balanced with some slow ballads as well. This band has also been playing for only a year, and their first album release is impending.

Unfortunately, I could not stick around for The Fuse, but I will seek them out and soak up their sound soon! Until next time, keep eating your veggies.

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    The shrugs are awesome, like this blog. Damn right!

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