Photography by James Hay :: An interesting start to the evening, as it was fight night at the Shark Club. I was surrounded by muscle-shirt guys and most of them didn’t look like they were ready for the kind of music playing tonight.

Like a Storm are from New Zealand but live in Vancouver now. They hit the stage first and lead singer Chris started by playing the didgeridoo, which was neat. These boys were very nicely dressed in their rock attire. They played a really tight set, but nothing out of ordinary that you don’t usually hear on The Fox, save a couple of different tempos. I liked their enthusiasm towards the crowd, and since they just got back from touring with Puddle of Mudd and Staind, the band had their routine down. Like a Storm is going on tour in May in the States, and they also have a record coming out in May.

Sex With Strangers are next and ahh, it’s nice to see musicians I can relate to. I’m not saying I don’t like the circus look, but for the most part it’s not my thing. They recently came back from playing South by Southwest, which is a huge music festival in Austin, Texas. Singer Hatch Benedict reminds me of Jack Black from Tenacious D, but that’s where the similarities end. He’s got his awesome synth/dance-mix-machine with him, which can also change how his voice sounds through the mic. From their great dance numbers like “Sharpen the Knife”, to being funny as hell and talking about his love for whiskey, this was a very entertaining set.  They played several songs off their new album The Tokyo Steel, leaving me and the rest of the crowd wanting more from this awesome local band. Check them out at the Biltmore on April 23rd with The Pack A.D.

The headliner was TV Heart Attack, who came in dressed with their own individual styles, which I liked because it shows that everyone in the band has character. Their live sound has a very 80s rockabilly feel to it, lots of energy on stage and a very tight sound coming out from the drummer, Dominic Coletta. Most of the songs they played were from their new album Lost in the Sway, but I do believe they played “Hypnotic Eyes” from their self titled album. Before the second to last song, Jason (lead singer and guitarist) asked everyone who wanted to come up on stage and help them sing the song “AO”. It went over wonderfully! Make sure you look for that video on Much Music, or vote for it on their MySpace.

Well, what a evening full of muscle-shirted dudes, girls with trendy tattoos , some glam rock, stadium rock  and hipster dance rock! Until next time, keep your pierced ears to the ground.

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