WANTING at Trees Organic Coffee House

17 November 2009 at Trees Organic Coffee House (Yaletown)

1. So You Will – about friends going away, and you wish them all the best but you’re still sad because you miss them (sad, tear-jerking song that could be in a romantic film with a goodbye ending)

2. On My Own – about being on your own (dark, full sound)

3. Ready When You Are – brand new song (one day old) about favours. No intro or end yet (work in progress but sounds amazing)

4. Star In You – a week old (reminds me of Learn To Be Lonely by Minnie Driver)

5. Hand Hold – inspired by Up!, Twilight and a book (Sweetheart, sweetheart, won’t you sweep me off my feet, catch me when I fall? … Baby will you hold my hand?)

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