WEE BOY PRETTY at Falconetti’s

Under the glowing red light of Falconetti’s on Commercial Drive this Sunday evening, the crowd erupts as Wee Boy Pretty take the stage. Surprisingly, the band’s two drummers with full sets, bassist, electric guitarist and lead singer with acoustic guitar and/or keyboards don’t collide against each other on the stage at the back of the bar.

As the band starts out, their Portishead-meets-soul/funk sound has got a certain vibe that gets you moving. It also reminds me of cruisin’ music, if that makes sense, I can picture myself listening as I drive along a highway somewhere on some epic journey. I love the feel to their songs, and can’t help be drawn into the performance. As everybody’s attention is grabbed to the stage, people start tapping their feet and clapping to the beats and it’s apparent that the fun they’re all having on stage is contagious. Briefly through the middle of the set, the lead singer leads a short tune about peanut butter and jelly time, which makes me (and everyone else in the bar) smile and get involved with the musicians on stage.

The combination of their funk-a-lystic style with lead singer Joanna Cairns voice is seriously intoxicating and addictive in the best way. Their music is like nothing I’ve heard before; a funk meeting modern sound which is both fresh and exciting. It was one of the best shows I’ve been to in ages, and makes it refreshing to see such a great band deliver such a great turn out on a Sunday night in the city. Check out my new favourite band and their music videos, upcoming shows and mailing list.

Band Members

Joanna Cairns –  lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Sandor Gyurkovics –  lead guitar, backup vox
Josh Knepper –  bass, backup vox
Andrew Newton  - drumkit, backup vox
Erin Sharp – drumkit, hand drums, percussion

Set List

Ronnie & Steve
The Wall
Rattle in my Apple
People are Strange
Blank Pages
Like Me
Don’t Stop
The Range
Early Mourning
The Great Unwashed

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  1. the sandor says:

    thanks for the kind words. I remember this gig, is was really tight up there on stage with 2 kits. Everyone had there instruments pointed to the ceiling so we didn’t polk eyes out. We have just returned from a good stretch of time off, so come and see us again.

    thanks again.
    the sandor
    nov 2011