WOODPIGEON with CHRISTOPHER SMITH at the Biltmore Cabaret

Sampson Says
Mainstream/cheesy song


Mark Andrew Hamilton’s voice is unusually high-pitched.

1. Knock Knock (trumpet)
2. Now You Like Me How? (trumpet leaves)
3. Merry Christa (bass solo) (girl leaves)
4. Piano Pieces for Adult Beginners, and I’ve never played it for an audience on a piano before
5. Spire House is a song from the record we are here to release (trumpet and girl return, then leave for the next song) I’ve been in the Biltmore twice before. Once when Chris Smith wanted to go dancing (like this, waving hands in the air), and when it was being built, and the owner guy asked me what wallpaper would go well in here. You’re welcome, Vancouver!
6. The Street Noise Gives You Away (epic build ending) Did you like the Chris Smith? I like the Chris Smith. Sometimes Chris Smith and I go dancing. He dances like this (waves hands in the air again). He’s a big hit.
7. Mandobird (dedicated to Chris Smith, the poet laureate of love songs. Mark plays the piccolo of guitars, with only four strings)
8. Tic Tac Toe (trumpet, girl and bass all leave for this song. Drummer plays a xylophone for the intro, then he returns to the drums and the bass player returns for the rest of the song. Epic!)
9. Pesky Druthers (My favourite)
10. Ship: This song is about drowning to death (her second time using her keyboard through this whole set, trumpet for the epic climax). The audience is so loud!

ENCORE (Mark on his own, his proposal for our Olympic song)
1. Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA cover)
2. This is for my Vancouver band: I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you (short ditty)
3. This is a CD release show in a city I’m not from. (Go Calgary!) On behalf of my city, I apologize. You should come see Northern Alberta before it’s gone. This is a song by a Calgary band called… All I have is this lonely kiss from you

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