YUKON BLONDE at the Biltmore Cabaret

The Biltmore Cabaret is quiet as I make my way to a seat near the stage. I’m unsure if this is because it’s a Thursday night or if it’s tonight’s line up. According to Said The Whale’s Tyler Bancroft, Yukon Blonde is “the best band in Canada.” We’ll see if his claim holds true as the evening wears on. 

Yukon Blonde take the stage in the most humble manner, but when they start playing, people look up from their conversations and slowly pool in front of the stage. Sounding like an evolution of The Beatles, with a fuller sound and better hair, Yukon Blonde know what they’re doing.


3. Wind blows you can hear the wind blow listen to the rain drop outside of your window. Great
harmony and ooos from both the guitarist and the drummer.
4. I would do anything you would do. Great harmony, catchy song, solid awesomeness.
“Are we at request level? Not that you request songs from us, but that we request things from you?” “Yes!” “Can you guys come closer?”
5. Great melody, love the intro guitar. Love the bass in this song too. She’s a dream girl.
6. Existential guitar, organic heartbeat drums, amazing instrumental section. Big sound, bigger heart.
Everyone demands more but the house music comes on and we know we’re done here. 

*Can I please have a copy of the set list?
1. How long have you been on tour?
2. How do other Canadian cities compare to playing in your native Vancouver?
3. Tyler of Said The Whale says you’re the best band in Canada. What do you think of that comment?
4. Who is your favourite Canadian band right now?
5. Which musician or band are you most often compared to?
6. How do you describe your music to those who have never heard of you? 

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